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Safeguarding Your Data in a Digital Age: Most companies track private information, whether the Social Security numbers of clients, records of financial transactions, their own employee and payroll information, client lists, and even trade secrets. Once upon a time, all this information was in paper files, which could be secured with a heavy, locked door, a grumpy armed guard, and an alarm system. Most corporate data is now stored electronically, calling for the same levels of security on a digital level.  The sad thing is, a locked door is no longer good enough. What’s worse, it’s not so easy to tell where the doors are, or how to lock them.

Protect Your Company Against Disaster Part Four: In our third installment, we got to the point where you are putting pen to paper on your disaster and recovery plan. The most important rule you have established is one of an effective standard of operation – the minimum level of computers, data, phones, etc. that you need to run your business. It is the return to that level that is the entire point of your disaster plan, and its goal.

Protect Your Company Against Disaster Part ThreeIn our last installment, we took all the data that is important to the effective operation of your company and consolidated it to a single server. Which probably made you distinctly uncomfortable. The fact that we equipped that server with power protection, virus protection and hacker protection should have made things a little better. The idea that having all your data on one well-fortified server is better than having it spread all over your network should have made it better still. Running a daily verified backup of all your data is the last piece of the puzzle. Your data is now secure.

Protect Your Company Against Disaster Part TwoIn our last episode, we laid out the scary part – the vulnerability of your IT infrastructure. Most companies have data that is spread across servers, workstations, laptops, PDAs, floppy disks, CDs, sticky notes, and bar napkins. It is exactly this kind of fragmentation that makes the recovery from even a small disaster difficult, if not impossible.

Protect Your Company Against Disaster Part OneWhen you think of disasters, whatever comes to mind is usually big, devastating, and covered by insurance. A large calamity is something that your clients and vendors can understand and cut you some slack, giving you the time you need to get up and running again.  Here are some disasters you probably haven't considered...

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